a woman in a white coat on the cover of a magazine in hebrew

Behind the scenes

The full music video

a woman in a white dress standing in front of a bus

Grand Final Eurovision in

Bucharest Romania

a woman is taking a selfie in a white dress

Netta Barzilai killing it at the Orange Carpet Ceremony for Eurovision 2019 Wearing BOOBA MACHO White cape, Tel Aviv

Fairy dress Eilat

Netta Barzilai wearing BOOBA MACHO Top and skirt With Dany Mizrachi Corset

In Gran Canaria Spain

a woman in a white fur coat posing on a pink background

Tulle pink dress for the new Netta Barzilai single Bassa Sababa

January 2019 Cover

for At Magazine

a woman in a pink and white dress posing on stairs

The full music video

a woman in a blue dress with purple hair